Here at Cowboys4angels we pride ourselves on bringing you the freshest, most high quality straight male escorts around. Every once in a while we like to highlight different male escorts from various cities. Today we will be showcasing our fabulous male companions from Denver, Dallas and Scottsdale. Three very different cities, all with unique energy and top rated male escorts from Cowboys4angels. Variety is the spice of life, they say, and here we try to bring you the widest variety of male companions so you have more than enough to choose from. Let’s get started with Karl from Denver.

Originally from Copenhagen,  Karl is truly a gentle Viking who has traveled the world, including lengthy stays in the temples of Thailand, exploring the jungles of South America and safaris in Africa.  This worldly hunk is always searching for the perfect balance of well being, whether it be hard core endurance and physical fitness training in the mountains, or swimming it the frozen seas of the north, he strongly believes there are always new horizons to be conquered. Karl is not all brawn and no brains or heart, this stunning male companion has tirelessly given back to humanity through working with anti-terrorism organizations, conflict resolution and other advocacy work. After serving in the military, he also became an advocate for animal protection and rescue, eventually landing in Denver, where he has made a home and continues to enjoy the Rocky Mountain lifestyle.

Next we have Dean from Dallas, the quintessential All-American man of your dreams! Born in Kansas, however this hunk from the heartland and his family moved to a small town in Texas soon after, where he was raised with strong, wholesome values, including always enjoying the company of women and treating them with the utmost respect and dignity. While in college, he fell in love with Dallas when he visited, and has never looked back! As a result of being raised in the country, this 6’1, 195-pound tall, strapping man loves nature and being outside, however also thrives in the city lifestyle, which is why Dallas, Texas is the best of both worlds for him! Another thing near and dear to his very spirit, is a sense of adventure and going fast! Dean loves to ride his motorcycle and basically anything that’s fast with a motor.  He’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie and will try anything once!

Now we move to Scottsdale, where we have the very special Carter. Now Carter is a mystery man, we will give his bio but the pictures are hidden until you book. Believe us, he is definitely worth the wait!Carter takes immense pride and consideration in accommodating his clients with an exhilarating & unforgettable dating experience. This sophisticated gentleman was born and raised in Chicago, Ilinois. His parent’s instilled education & traditional values in him, especially being taught to love, respect & revere women in the utmost regard. Carter exudes a selfless, caring and people pleasing persona.Carter obtained a B.A. degree in sports management from a prestigious university in the midwest. This former athlete had the same dreams as many & that was to become a professional football player. Unfortunately, those plans of his didn’t manifest. To supplement his desire of being ingratiated in sports, he volunteered boundless time & energy to mentor & train young student athletes.