Rowan is the perfect blend of small town boy next door and edgy bad boy. Coming from the middle of nowhere in Montana, his easy charm and calming presence makes for the perfect company to wind down with after a stressful week of work. This handsome stallion is extremely charismatic, and prides himself on his innate ability to cause his company of easily losing all track of time over a glass of wine, dinner or simply just sharing quality time together. However, don’t let the provincial background fool you, Rowan brings much more to the table than a perfectly chiseled physique and captivating smile, he has learned a great deal throughout the last several years of experiencing all that world travel has to offer. Rowan also truly fits the characteristic of being a Jack of all trades, which aligns effortlessly with his passion for engaging in new adventures and creating intimate connections with new people. Whether it’s a snowy ski trip, a completely unplugged and relaxing beach weekend, checking out a new restaurant or gallery, or staying home for a good book and a glass of wine, Rowan is the perfect companion. Bold, outgoing, attentive and understanding, Rowan, along with his seductive smile and alluring personality, is sure to be your new escape from the every day routine.

Last summer I was walking down the street and a man caught my eye, I had been single for 12 years at that point and I hadn’t realized until that moment how much I yearned for a male companion. I let the man pass but I thought about it for days afterwards. Not the man in particular, but the feeling I had when he crossed my path. Those butterflies. It was a feeling I innately knew, but hadn’t connected with in many years. Those urges had lain dormant within me for so long, covered up with food, drink and excess in all forms. I had been pushing down my desire for male companionship and replacing those urges with whatever else I could find, that would get me out of myself.” No more!” The quiet voice within cried.  I knew I deserved to be listened to and seen, if only for an evening. That’s really all I wanted. Just to reignite that fire within that had been yearning to be lit. I had known about Cowboys4angles for a while, and the male escorts they supply to women. I had friends who swore by the service, and I always quietly judged them. I know now this was just my own insecurity coming through as superiority. I was deeply afraid of male contact, the very thing I so longed for. That’s how it goes. I decided to take the leap last Wednesday morning, I went on the website and found Rowan,  a new Cowboy here in Montana.  He caught my eye immediately. It was arranged for us to meet the next day! I was elated, I was fearful. So many emotions washed through me, but the one that suck out most was empowerment. I was honoring my needs, my wants and desires. I was taking a risk, and I felt invincible. And I hadn’t even met him yet! Needless to say, this encounter with Rowan opened me up to a whole universe of possibilities. Rowan was courteous, gentle and kind. And so funny! We had a great time and I did not want the night to be through. He was the greatest male companion an angel could ask for. I cannot thank Cowboys4angels ( and Rowan!) enough for providing this invaluable service. Could not recommend them more!” HS,  Livingston MO

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