Frequently Asked Questions
When was the agency Cowboys4Angels founded?

In 2008, expert matchmaker Garren James founded Cowboys4Angels as the only elite straight male escort agency exclusively for women.

Even though Escort agencies are legal in the United States why is there a social stigma related to them?

Often the stigma surrounding professional male companionship is wrapped up in a misunderstanding of what is actually being offered.

As a busy, professional, discerning woman, you are looking for someone to spend your time with who already understands your life. Someone who does not need constant attention or to be coddled. Someone who wants to make you feel like an absolute queen, and has no expectations for time commitments or emotional labor. Someone who can escort you to an important event and put all his attention on you, but isn’t intimidated by how you capture a room. This is the beauty of straight male companionship. You are paying for the time and company of someone you don’t have to hand feed. A man who is educated, classy, and experienced. This may not be the thing for everyone. And those who do not understand often speak negatively about the experience because they believe it is something else.

Our Terms & Conditions very clearly lay out what we do and do not offer and what you can expect on your date.

Is Cowboys 4 Angels a reputable company to work with?

Yes, we are a very reputable company and to further prove that, the owner, Garren James, has been featured on ABC Nightline News, ABC 20/20, The Dr. Phil show, and The Tyra Banks show. Cowboys 4 Angels has also been featured on the Gigolos Show on Showtime and in Esquire Magazine and Glamour Magazine. Please visit our Recent Press page to review links to all the exciting and amazing press on the Cowboys 4 Angels agency. We are very protective of our clients’ privacy. By vowing to never break any laws, a client can rest assured that we will remain discrete. We take client privacy a step further. The male escort hired will not know any personal contact information for any client. Garren James is the sole protector of any information. We also do not solicit previous clients to ask them to book additional appointments.

What are the exact rates for the men’s time?

A lot of the men have different rates.  You can find each men’s rates on their individual profiles.  If your are on the COWBOYS PAGE just click on the male escort you like and there is an orange button that says view rates. The minimum booking for an appointment where the companion travels to your location is two hours and could be longer depending on travel time.

Am I personally breaking any laws by hiring a Male Escort from Cowboys 4 Angels?

No, you are not breaking any laws. It is 100% legal to hire a companion to share a few hours or even a weekend with.

What is the difference between hiring a legal Male Escort and something illegal?

A legal and legitimate escort company offers personal services strictly for the time and companionship of its employees. As such, Cowboys 4 Angels does not contract for sexual services and we are never compensated for sexual services.

See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

If we have a romantic spark is that illegal?

No, it is not illegal to have a romantic spark with your escort companion.
Please see our Terms & Conditions for further explanation of this.

What Makes some Escorts or Escort Companies illegal?
  • Hiring underage employees.
    – You must be 21 to work with Cowboys 4 Angels.
  • Opening a house for a brothel-type situation.
    – Cowboys 4 Angels does not own any property which might be considered a brothel- type location.
  • Offering or contracting sexual services.
    – Cowboys 4 Angels does not, and never will, contract for any sexual services with clients
    – We do not have menus of sexual services or hidden pages on websites showing sexual services
    – We charge a flat rate and do not show up and offer certain services for extra fees
  • Soliciting clients.
    – Men working for Cowboys 4 Angels accept a flat rate for their companionship with our clients and will not engage in any discussions for any additional fees in exchange for sexual services during an appointment
    – Cowboys 4 Angel’s does not advertise. We do not have call centers or place ads in newspapers. Although we have been on several talk shows, we have made it clear that we are only interested in those clients who think our services fit their needs
  • Misappropriating funds and money-laundering profits.
    Cowboys 4 Angels makes certain all profits are reported in our corporate business accounts. By following the rules of the law Cowboys 4 Angels can maintain a safe, comfortable situation for all of our clients.
Does Cowboys4Angels have strippers for bachelorette parties?

Our men can entertain several women for a bachelorette party but we don’t employ strippers.

Wasn’t your agency on that show Gigolos?

YES! The Showtime hit “Gigolos’ did feature Cowboys 4 Angels and our founder, Garren James. However, it is important to note that this “reality” show was anything but real. It was fun and exciting to watch, was well casted and scripted by Hollywood producers and writers, and the gentlemen and clients you see were all paid actors. The experience you see on the show is for entertainment value and does not necessarily depict the experience you will have with any of our gentlemen.

What are you doing about safety precautions for Covid-19?

The safety and comfort of our gentlemen and clients is first and foremost in our minds when booking appointments. We take all safety concerns seriously. As we have experienced the effects of Covid-19, we have put policies in place to continue our commitment to you.

We ask both our gentlemen and clients to check in with us 24 hours before appointments to confirm they are not experiencing any signs or symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, and have not been knowingly exposed to Covid-19. If either party is experiencing 2 or more Covid-19 symptoms as defined by the CDC, we will reschedule your appointment for a later date.

We encourage our gentlemen and clients to follow all local safety mandates on an appointment. As we are a national agency and book appointments across the country, it is the client’s responsibility to know the local mask and safety guidelines in the region they are booking.

We are currently addressing vaccination requests at the time of booking. Please get in touch with us for more information about vaccinations.