Happy Taurus season, Angels! Today we’d like to highlight some of our favorite Cowboys born during this lush, bountiful and joyful season. But first, what are Taurus men like? Well, Taurus men are  typically characterized as reliable, practical, and trustworthy. They are often very determined and persistent, and have a strong work ethic. They can also be very romantic and affectionate partners, and value stability and security in their relationships. Taurus men are typically very patient and slow to anger, but when provoked, they can become quite stubborn and resistant to change. These studs are often quite traditional in their beliefs and values, and may have a tendency to cling to the past. In terms of hobbies and interests, men born during the season of the Bull often enjoy the finer things in life, such as good food, wine, and luxury items. They may also have a love of nature and the outdoors, and enjoy activities like hiking, gardening, or camping. Overall, Taurus men are known for their dependability, loyalty, and practicality, and are often highly valued by those around them. Alright, let’s look at some of our straight male escorts born during Taurus season.


Our first Taurus straight male companion is none other than King. And King is just the guy for you! Born in California, he set his sites on the east coast to start his business and is loving life in beautiful Tampa, Florida! A passionate fitness enthusiast, King has focused his career on helping others reach their wellness goals for the past 4 years. He loves the freedom and flexibility that being an entrepreneur brings him and makes the most of his time celebrating life with people he cares about. This straight male escorts charming and relaxed personality will make you feel like your spending time with someone you’ve known forever. A great listener, avid traveler, and perfect dancing partner, King will have you feeling like his queen in no time! Call to book your ultimate boyfriend experience with King today!

Next up, we have Theo, a strapping Taurean straight male escort hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada.

This male companion is the modern day version of Southern Hospitality, happily transplanted in the big city! His gentle nature, rugged looks, and intoxicating charm will have you planning your next adventure before the first one ends! Born and raised in South Florida, Theo has relocated to Las Vegas to work in management at one of the largest nightclubs in the country! While he loves the thrills of the big city, his versatility is what makes him the perfect traveling partner. From sky diving and mountain climbing, to quiet and deep conversations over a glass of wine. Theo is not afraid to show his emotions and create meaningful connections. With a career as a fashion model, our elite male escort always knows how to impress. Whether in a swim suit at the pool of a luxurious resort, or dressed to the nines to accompany you to a show, he knows exactly how to compliment your style. Theo is the ultimate dream date and will create an experience so enchanting, you won’t believe it’s real! Call us today to book your Elite Boyfriend Experience with Theo!

No matter who you choose, we know Cowboys4angels has the right straight male escort for you. Call or visit our site to book today!

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